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Our exhibition is presented by our historian-museologist colleague but an audioguide is also available (in Hungarian and English languages). Our colleague keeps „unconventional history lessons” to secondary school students following a phone appointment. The Memorial House presents the lifepath of Imre Nagy martyr Prime Minister, and the 1956 Revolution. As a historical context for better intelligibility, our exhibition also presents the events of the 20th century. So during the unconventional history lesson, students acquire expertly explained information about the most important events in 100 years’ history. At the end of the lesson they accomplish tests that are evaluated by our colleague, who also answers the remaining questions. The most successful students get rewards from our published issues.
Related to our national holiday, before and after the 23rd of October it is possible for school classes, history study groups, university groups, to organize their own celebration in the hall of the Memorial House with a capacity of 45 people, or in good weather in the pleasant garden (next to the bust of Imre Nagy and his associates’ plaque).
To history teachers we also recommend our videos in the Documents submenu (original film footages of Imre Nagy, contemporaries, historians’ reports, lectures on the martyr Prime Minister, the era and the Revolution), which we are offering as teaching aids. In the Memorial House you can purchase our publications. (Foundation menu – Publications) Please feel free to contact us, our team is always at your disposal.

munkatars1      Fanni Fodor museologist guiding our visitors in the exhibition area.



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Nagy Imre, az '56-os forradalom miniszterelnöke
Imre Nagy, the Prime Minister of the Revolution in 1956
Nagy Imre a parlamenti rádióstúdióban, 1956
Imre Nagy in the radio studio of the Parliament, 1956
1956. október 24. A ledöntött Sztálin szobornál.
24th October 1956
At the toppled Stalin state
1956. október 24. Gyerekek a ledöntött Sztálin szobor csizmájánál
Children at the toppled Stalin statue's boots.

A lukas zászló a forradalom jelképe – 1956, a Corvin köznél
Hollow flag, the symbol of the Revolution - 1956, at te Corvin centre
A magyar hadsereg átállt a forradalom oldalára, 1956 október
The Hungarian army after changing side to the revolution, 1956 October
Forradalmi hétköznap Budapesten, 1956 október
Weekday during the revolution in Budapest, 1956 October
Pesti srác I. 1956
Tad of Pest I. 1956

A Ledöntött Sztálin szobor feje
The head of the toppled Stalin statue
Pesti srác II. 1956
Ted of Pest II. 1956
Nagy Imre rekonstruált dolgozószobája
Reconstructed study room of Imre Nagy
A Nagy Imre Emlékház kiállítótere
The exhibition area
in the Imre Nagy Memorial House

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